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If you are tired of waking up in the middle of the night because of sleep apnea, then you've made the right decision to come here. In a few moments, I will tell you a technique to get rid of that condition forever— and it's an all natural one, by the way.

No CPAP, no medications— Just an easy-to-do breathing technique that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Sounds interesting, huh? So let's stop all these waiting and go into that now.

Introducing ...

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

How long have you been suffering from sleep apnea? Years? Months? Or just last week? No problem. This breathing retraining guide is perfect for everyone.

If you think you’ve done everything (or almost anything) to get rid of your sleep apnea and you haven’t succeeded, wait until you learn what the Buteyko Breathing Technique has to offer you.

Now you might ask, what is this so-called Buteyko Breathing Technique? Does it really work? How does it differ from other breathing techniques out there?​

Before we go into that, I should let you now first how my report on this breathing technique differ from other breathing technique stuff in the market.​

I know how boring long reports can be, which is why I made this guide to be a short, 19-page report that covers the basic, yet most important bits of information about the Buteyko Breathing Technique.

  • It explains the theory behind the Buteyko Breathing Technique in an easy-to-understand manner, in general and as it relates to sleep apnea.
  • It elaborates the three key principles behind the Buteyko Breathing Technique— nasal breathing, reduced breathing exercises, and relaxation.
  • It presents a list of other diseases that responds favorably to the Buteyko Breathing Technique (with that, I can say that this guide can also be useful for those who suffer from any of the diseases listed).
  • It provides proof to the effectiveness of Buteyko Breathing Technique using evidences from scientific studies, case report, and patient testimonies.
  • It gives a complete, step-by-step guide on how to perform the Buteyko Breathing Technique, along with some useful tips and strategies.
  • All those and so much more …

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The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea


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The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea
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About Buteyko Breathing Method ...

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

What is the Buteyko Breathing Technique?

Before anything else, the guide will first introduce you to what this so-called Buteyko Breathing Technique is, along with a brief history on how it came to be.

This breathing method originated from Ukraine, and was developed by a physician named Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. His basis for creating this method was the assumption that most diseases result from hyperventilation, or over-breathing.

So what is this hyperventilation? The concept of hyperventilation, and how it leads to various diseases, will also be discussed in this guide.​

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

How the Buteyko Breathing Technique Works

Again, the Buteyko Breathing Technique is based on the theory that hyperventilation, diagnosed or not, is the main cause of numerous health conditions, including asthma and sleep apnea.

In this guide, how hyperventilation causes health disturbance will be explained in detail. Yes— in detail. But if you worry about getting bombarded with medical terms and all that, trust me, I have the explanations written down in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Basically, what this guide would tell you is that the Buteyko Breathing Technique corrects hyperventilation by training you to breathe normally. You eliminate hyperventilation, you get rid of health problems such as sleep apnea.​

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea Technique

Performing the Buteyko Breathing Technique

This guide will also provide with complete, easy-to-follow instructions on how to perform the Buteyko Breathing Technique. The steps are founded on these three principles:

  • Nasal Breathing
  • The most important of the three principles of the Buteyko Breathing Technique.
  • As its name suggests, it involves breathing through the nose, which in fact, should be our normal way of breathing.
  • Reduced Breathing Exercises
  • This next principle will instruct you to do exercises that will train you to reduce your breathing rate or volume.
The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea Book

Can the Buteyko Breathing Technique Help Treat Other Diseases?

The answer is a big YES. The Buteyko Breathing Technique is also the solution for more than a hundred types of disorders— any one that is caused by hyperventilation. Learn from the guide how the following diseases respond well to this breathing method:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Bronchitis
  • Bronchiectasis
  • COPD and emphysema
  • Hayfever
  • Migraines
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • ... and a whole lot more …

With the long list of diseases that it promises to treat, you might be wondering now:

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea Proof

Is There Any Proof That The Buteyko Breathing Technique Works?

Definitely— the proof is derived from scientific studies and patient testimonials.

Majority of the studies on the Buteyko Breathing Technique were conducted by employing patients with asthma and sleep apnea as participants.

Most of these patients reported improvements in symptoms and overall quality of life after performing the breathing exercises prescribed by the technique.

Some of them even claimed that they stopped using their medications simply because they feel much, much better.

Literature reviews would also tell you that there are enough convincing subjective evidences which prove that the Buteyko Breathing Technique really works.​

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea book

And if those are not enough …

Also included in the guide is a true story of how a 44-year old man suffering from asthma and sleep apnea for many years already got rid of both disorders simply by following the breathing retraining exercises prescribed to him by his Buteyko practitioner. Learn how he managed to regain good health after just a few months.

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The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea


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The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea
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FREE BONUS #3! "12 Online Videos Highlighting Buteyko Breathing Exercises to Prevent Sleep Apnea and Related Health Conditions" Valued at $17.00

Free Online Videos

Free online videos that cover how Buteyko Breathing Technique can be used to treat or cure sleep apnea and certain related health conditions. The videos highlight the following subjects:

  • Buteyko Breathing Method
  • 8 Tips to stop Sleep Apnoea by Buteyko author Patrick McKeown
  • Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea in children and adults
  • Buteyko questions to Patrick McKeown for snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Buteyko 4 Minute Breathing Exercise
  • Better Breathing aka “Buteyko”: Your body is sneezing, wheezing and starving for one simple thing!
  • Stop Asthma Attack in five minutes
  • How To Unblock Nose in three minutes
  • Buteyko Method: Measure your Control Pause
  • Buteyko Method: The Control Pause
  • How to breathe correctly during physical exercise
  • Avoid asthma and stop snoring during sleep
  • And much more!

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Lifetime Updates

My materials are by far the most comprehensive resource on Buteyko Breathing for sleep apnea. However, I believe in constant improvement. I will always continue to research, test and refine what I have learned to make the Singing for Sleep Apnea program even better.

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The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

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The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

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What People Are Saying About Our Products

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Thanks for all the information that you have sent me regarding sleep apnoea and all the different methods that can help.

Here in Perth, Western Australia I have done a Buteyko Health breathing exercisecourse and has cleared me from using a CPAP machine( which I was having greatdifficulty getting use to).

Now with learning Buteyko and the breathing excercises I do not suffer from sleapapnoea any more.

Graeme Sexton
- Perth, Western Australia

“This helped with reducing his mouth breathing and drooling.”

“Our 4-year-old son was a mouth breather and drooled often. We got his adenoids removed twice but were worried that they had grown back again as he started breathing through the mouth again just a few months after his second surgery.

Not wanting to get any more surgeries done, we tried the Buteyko method. All the exercises and the recommended dietary changes helped our son tremendously and he rarely had colds or a stuffy nose again. This helped with reducing his mouth breathing and drooling.”

Tania Tangri
- (Breathing Center)
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Seems impressive? Sure it is, but you definitely want to know what latest research says about tackling sleep apnea through Bueteyko Breathing Technique, don’t you?

Clinical Review: Sleep apnea - A survey of breathing retraining by Mary Birch

ANJ Logo

“Breathing retraining (Buteyko Breathing Technique) is a safe, effective and convenient approach to OSA that could help eliminate the need for surgery or CPAP..”

Here’s a case study to illustrate its effectiveness.

Mary Birch, RN,BA,MBioE, Grad Dip Soc, BIBH

Clinical Update 74, Australian Nursing Journal, August 2004

Link to the Paper: OSA Clinical Update

Case study

When John, (not his real name) a 44 year-old man, attended the Buteyko Breathing Centre in Melbourne, his medical history included asthma from childhood and OSA of 18 months duration. His symptoms included shortness of breath, frequent deep breaths, snoring, frequent waking at night sweating, irritability, lack of concentration, and abdominal bloating.

John’s medication was Seretide 250/50, one puff at night (an asthma medication consisting of fluticasone and salmeterol).

Sleep studies taken 18 months previously indicated John suffered from severe OSA. He was prescribed a CPAP machine, but found it was not effective in controlling the OSA symptoms.

John’s doctor had also mentioned the possibility of surgery to alleviate his OSA. Despite using the CPAP machine, John found his condition was getting worse so he only used the CPAP intermittently.


When John first attended the breathing centre, he displayed signs of sleep deprivation. His speech was very rapid and incoherent at times, he was obviously tired and distressed, unable to concentrate or listen effectively, and at times appeared agitated. He was of lean build and had never been overweight. John’s initial pulse was high (at 96) and his respiration rate was 20 per minute.

There was also evidence of overbreathing, ie. mouth-breathing constantly, taking large breaths while talking, breathing loudly at times, sighing, yawning, shoulders raised, and breathing from the upper chest (not from thediaphragm).

BIM breathing retraining Following an explanation of what was involved, John enrolled to attend a Buteyko breathing retraining course of five consecutive daily sessions of 90 minutes per day, plus follow-up.

John’s course included breathing techniques to unblock the nose, promote nasal breathing and control symptoms (eg. when waking at night, when feeling short of breath or when having asthma symptoms during the day), and guidelines and techniques to enhance sleep quality and to improve breathing while performing daily living activities and exercising.

John was also asked to perform a series of breathing exercises three times per day. These exercises, totalling around 15 minutes per session, included breathing pauses and other techniques to reduce breathing and thereby retain CO2.

John was asked to record his results on a daily diary sheet, and to list any symptoms, plus medication used, including use of the CPAP.​

John’s progress

John’s sleep and asthma gradually improved from day two of the course. On day three, he was still having sleep problems but felt a little better. By day four, his breathing had improved considerably. He was sleeping much better and the night sweats had stopped.

He was using the CPAP for part of the night only and stated that he was feeling much better.

His concentration was also much improved as were his asthma symptoms. By day four he had seen his physician and the Seretide had been withdrawn. He was now taking Flixotide (fluticasone) 250mcg once daily and not requiring any bronchodilators. This reduction in asthma medication is consistent with results obtained in the first clinical trial of the Buteyko method in the western world, and recently confirmed by a further study.7,8 By day five, John was looking well and had used the CPAP for only two hours the previous night.

One month later, John attended the centre for review. He looked very much improved. His pulse rate was now down to 64 and he was sleeping well throughout the night without the CPAP. His breathing had improved significantly, his tiredness had gone, and his speech patterns and concentration appeared normal. He was advised to continue the breathing exercises three times per day.

After five months, John phoned, rather elated, to say: ‘I’ve had repeat sleep studies done and I don’t have apnoeas at all. Based on the results, I don’t need surgery. The snoring has gone from loud to mild. I used to wake myself up with snoring… that’s all gone. My oxygen saturation is up to 97%; before it was around 87%.’

Reviewed by telephone two years after the course, John says his current health status is good. He sleeps well and does not use a CPAP machine. He does not do the breathing exercises except when his nose blocks occasionally, generally when the weather is cold and dry. He still continues to use one puff of Flixotide (very low dose) daily for ‘security and insurance’.

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The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

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